Device donation to Bath & NE Somerset Council were contacted on behalf of the Employment and Skills Pod participants who must retrain to help continue working.

“Our member used to work as a driver, but unfortunately, due to his health condition, cannot drive anymore and ideally has to have a companion with him all the time. He is thinking about getting a job in admin role, which he would be able to do from his home. To do that he needs to qualify, but he cannot attend a course in a college etc., only online courses are available for him. He has no PC at home, the only device he has is mobile phone, which is not enough to complete a course. I was wondering if you would be able to help, and how the process looks like”

“Your generous laptop donation to the Employment & Skills Pod participant, who could no longer work as a driver due to a medical condition, has been truly impactful. With only a mobile phone as his previous device Tech4Inclusion have made it possible for him to retrain and explore new roles. He has already embarked on his first online course, attending virtual classes, accessing educational resources and completing assignments seamlessly. it has not only enhanced his ability to learn online but has also given him hope for future employment. We cannot thank you enough for your amazing work!” Bath & NE Somerset Council

Through your company surplus tech and our data secure refurbishment and delivery solutions we were able to help.

Requests by the minute come through to ST4G and together we can help digital inclusion through sustainable reuse.

By emailing and letting ST4G handle all your surplus tech securely we can continue to help all those left behind.

Thank you 🙂