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11.9m people (22% of the population) do not have the digital skills needed for everyday life in the UK.

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Sustainable tech 4 Good

Who are we?

Sustainable Tech 4 Good offers 4 Data Secure Sustainable Solutions for your surplus tech after upgrade, covering devices, server & networking.

We donate legacy tech through Tech4Inclusion, reducing digital exclusion and purchase current tech, which after refurbishment is sold sustainably through Tech4Change, helping reduce e-waste damage to our planet.


Tech4Inclusion donates refurbished legacy tech to people in need through our network of charity partners, spreading digital inclusion.


Our TechAid solution synergises businesses with charities and other delivery organisations to increase sustainable digital inclusion.

TechAid seeks to use existing links within organisations to enable digital expansion.


Purchasing your tech from Tech4Change will offer you an environmentally-friendly, affordable alternative to buying new.

Your purchase will also support donations of tech to enable digital inclusion through Tech4Inclusion with every 10th order = 1 tech donation.

Tech Services

Sustainable Tech 4 Good was born out of our sister data services company Veritas Digital Services Ltd. We have a long pedigree of data-secure services for businesses going back almost 30 years.

Our ST4G Tech Services offers a comprehensive range of solutions for all your data and decommissioning needs.

Sustainable tech 4 Good

The advantages of working with ST4G

We’ve helped many organisations

How have we
made a Difference?

“The donated laptops and phones will be used by our therapists in order to contact families and co-ordinate and log sessions. They are vital for us to be able to do our work, and the money we’ve saved can go back into offering support to more local children and families.”

Cambridge Acorn Project

“Thanks so much for the tech donation, it’s making it so much easier to work and our team are very grateful.”

Cambridge Sustainable Food

“I would just like to emphasise again how grateful we are for your support. Having a bigger screen to use for our online English classes and mental health support groups really makes such a difference to our clients and I know that the devices have really improved their experiences of joining these calls so thank you so so much.”

Conversation Over Borders – Listen to their thanks on Instagram

Sustainable tech 4 Good

Our achievements to-date


We adopt a circular economy business model #LeaveNoTrace

Source Tech

We take surplus tech from organisations, either through purchase or donation.

Secure Date Erasure

All data is securely erased to HMG Infosec 5 Enhanced standard, with full certification.

Repair & Refurbish

Devices are repaired and refurbished, with software installed, for safe onward plug-and-play reuse.

Donate or Resale

We arrange for the device to be sold affordably, or donated to one of our charitable partners.

Sustainable Tech 4 Good

See how we are tackling digital inequality by repair and reuse of surplus technology

We work with large organisations, taking their surplus tech, and repurpose and deploy through charities and local authorities. As expert repairers, we achieve high yields from your surplus technology, with items beyond economical repair broken down for spares, making more devices available for those in need.


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