KidsOut needs your tech

KidsOut does amazing work supporting some of the UK’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children with positive and happy experiences. The provision of digital devices enhances this vital work in a very practical way, helping families back towards independence and normality at a time when they have often been left with nothing.

Our founder, Sue Gowling, is an ambassador for KidsOut and we are delighted that our partnership with KidsOut has already enabled over 400 hand-held devices from businesses to be made available to help families in refuges keep in touch with loved ones, access benefits, and health and employment services and start to regain their independence. They also help the children continue their education, which is vital at a time when so much else in their lives has been disrupted.


We want your surplus tech so we can help more disadvantaged families.

We will take all surplus tech, including hand-held devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones for refurbishing and donating to families in refuge, or networking and servers which we sell on via our Tech4Change solution, donating a device to KidsOut and/or other partner charities for every 10th device sold.


Your legacy tech is securely collected by Sustainable Tech 4 Good at no cost to you and is fully audited.

The tech is securely data erased to Government Infosec Standard 5 Enhanced, then repaired and refurbished for reuse.

You will receive Inclusion and Sustainability Reporting and Data Erasure Certification.

Your Digital Inclusion Report provides direct feedback about who has been helped by your tech, which you can share to demonstrate how you are helping disadvantaged children.

Learn more about our partnership with KidsOut and how your surplus tech can help.

KidsOut 10,000

Help to raise £200,000 to enable KidsOut to give 10,000 children and mothers in refuge the opportunity to go on a fun day out this summer.

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